Lead Core Wet Fly Swing

An additional modification of the wet fly swing is employed to accommodate the greatest density lines, such as lead core and deep water express. With ease, the line is cast quartering downstream. Fewer line mends are needed to reach the swing down area.

Lead Core Wet Fly Swing

  1. Cast is made 1/4 downstream.
  2. A line mend or two may be used to slow the fly’s descent.
  3. As the fly swings to the hang-down position, enticingly jig and pause it to provoke a strike from a possible reluctant fish. Step-down and then recast the fly.

The highest density lines are lead core, deep water express, and Teeny series lines. Normally these come in either sink tip or shooting head lines. Their superb sinking qualities allow them to sink quickly, and this property saves time in getting the fly to the productive swing area. The ideal presentation is to suspend the fly just above the fish, because here it is easier for the fish to see and to strike the fly.

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